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Here at SPEEDY BODY JEWELRY we take your Privacy and Security very seriously.
We’ve done everything we can to make shopping for body jewelry on our website as safe and secure as it can be.

Our policies with regard to Cookies, Data Protection and Card Payments are outlined below.
Hopefully it’s all easy to understand, but if there’s anything you’re not sure about just get in touch and we’ll do our best to clear things up.

Unless this is the only website you’ve ever visited, you can’t have failed to notice – everybody’s coming clean about the cookies.

What’s behind this new spirit of openness, you may well be wondering?
Well, the short answer is, it’s The Law.
A European Parliament Directive, no less.

And so, being good Euro-Citizens, it’s time for us to ‘fess up as well:

Yes, we admit it, we’ve slipped you some cookies. Sorry.
But please, don’t worry, everything’s under control:


There now, EU compliance feels good, doesn’t it?

Actually, the only cookies you’ll get from us that aren’t directly related to the functioning of the shop are from the social media sites: Facebook , Twitter , Google+ etc. and one from Google Analytics .

Google Analytics collects data about how you use the site, what you click on, what devices and operating systems you’re running, stuff like that, but all the data collected is anonymous
(in other words, the data CANNOT be connected to you personally).

What we get to see at Google Analytics is the collected data of all our visitors, just statistics.
We use this data to understand better how people are using our website and to devise new ways of improving it.

Google Analytics is very widely used by individuals and organisations on their websites, and it’s an awesome tool to have at your disposal if you’re running a website, but if it makes you feel uncomfortable to know that Google is logging your on-line activity, you do have options.
For instance, Google have developed a browser Add-On that you can install which automatically “opts you out” of Google Analytics.
NOTE: This will work for ALL sites that use Google Analytics – not just ours.

Click Here to get the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-On .

If you want to know more about cookies, (or if you don’t even know what a cookie is) a good place to start is The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website.
This is the body responsible for regulating the use of cookies by websites based in the UK.

Click here to read the ICO’s advice for members of the Public.

(Lots of useful info, including instructions on how to remove cookies from your computer and where to report your “cookie concerns”)

If you’ve become strangely fascinated by cookies and need to know A LOT more about them, you should check out this site:

Enough cookie-related information here to satisfy the biggest appetite – enjoy!

Data Protection

Worried about what we might do with personal details like your email or delivery address?

You shouldn’t be.

We’re all clued up here at SPEEDY BODY JEWELRY about current “Data Protection Principles” and no effort is spared to make sure we’re fully compliant with the UK Data Protection Act (1998).

We have a robust in-house security policy with regular password changes and software security updates.
Computers, digital storage media and hard copies of invoices etc. are kept in separate secure locations.
Stored digital data is encrypted and password-protected.

Our website is hosted by Media Temple, a market leader in security and reliability. Database back-ups and server security checks are performed daily.

Not only that, we’re an independent company – not affiliated with or part of any other organisation – so by default no-one else has any access to your personal information.

And we 100% guarantee never to sell or otherwise transmit your email address to spammers. (We hate them as much as you do – probably more)

If you want to know more about Data Protection Principles or the UK Data Protection Act, here are some useful links:

Click here to read about Data Protection on the UK Government’s shiny new website .

Click here to visit ICO – the Information Commissioner’s Office


Card Payments

OK, so your email’s safe, but what about your most important piece of personal data – your card details?

We’re glad you asked…

All our credit/debit card payments are handled by PaymentSense, the UK’s largest (and we think BEST) Merchant Services Provider.
Not only are they a great bunch of guys, they are also TIER 1 PCI DSS compliant – which is good news for both you and us.

What do we mean by PCI DSS compliant?

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and, basically, it’s a set of security requirements that on-line businesses must meet in order to trade safely on the internet.
The requirements are very stringent and cover all aspects of security – data security, physical security of the servers etc. etc. and compliance would be beyond the means of most small businesses without Merchant Services like PaymentSense.

Now, it’s not actually the law, but if businesses do not meet these requirements they can face heavy penalties from the card issuers. Ultimately, the card issuers can refuse to process transactions from a non-compliant business – which, of course, would mean the end of the business!

So What are the Benefits of Compliance?

For us, it means that we can feel secure in the knowledge that we’re doing everything we can to keep our customers and ourselves as safe as possible. Obviously, no system is guaranteed 100% secure, but if something does go wrong, because we’re PCI DSS compliant, we’re covered.

The same applies to you – the customer. When you buy body jewelry from us, you don’t have to worry about whether we’re keeping your card details safe or if we’re going to go on a spending spree to Vegas.
We never even get to see your card details – the whole transaction is handled by PaymentSense on their own (highly secure) servers.

(It’s not a perfect solution. We’d prefer it if you didn’t have to leave the site to pay for your stuff.
It slows the checkout process down a bit and the PaymentSense pages are pretty dull.
But the benefits of PCI DSS compliance far outweigh these small details.)

And Think About This…

PCI DSS Non-compliance is not a small problem.
Current estimates are that up to 80% of small and medium-size on-line traders are not PCI DSS compliant in some way!
And it goes without saying that 100% of internet fraudsters are not PCI DSS compliant

So why take the risk? Instead, just relax, and shop safely at SPEEDY BODY JEWELRY 🙂

Useful PCI DSS compliance links

Click here to get the lowdown from Wikipedia

An overview of PCI standards from the PCI Security Standards Council

An excellent set of FAQs from the PCI Compliance Guide