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Seems like everyone’s got stretched lobes or pierced septums these days, doesn’t it?
Is it still possible to shock your friends and family when they’re as pierced and inked as you?

You bet it is!

After years of hard work and many disappointments, our crack team of Bulgarian dentists have finally mastered the head piercing technique.
And now SPEEDY BODY JEWELRY can exclusively offer it to you…

Unfortunately, for some reason the UK government won’t allow the surgery to be performed in Britain, so if you want a Head Tunnel you’ll have to travel to our exclusive clinic in the suburbs of Sofia.

After a short period of recuperation ( 9 – 12 months, with almost no personality change in most cases ) you’ll be all set to wow them at your local!

UPDATE: We have been developing a range of large gauge HEAD STRETCHERS in colourful UV Acrylic and soon hope to be able to offer a DIY Head Piercing Kit.


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  1. 5 out of 5


    Hmmm… This looks really useful.
    I have three children who are an absolute nightmare to take around the supermarket. If they had Head Tunnels I could lock them up with the bicycles while I go shopping.
    Is there an age limit?

    Mrs Trellis, North Wales

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